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August 2016 saw the Transition Year students begin the construction of the St. Benildus College Garden. The project has a wide scope. It is to build an environmentally sustainable school garden that will serve the school and the wider community. It has the potential to have: strong educational links, enhance the natural surroundings, raise awareness of environmental concerns and facilitate local to global community action. To date the project has forged relationships and links with; Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council through the award of an Environment Grant, Johnstown Boys National School, a local Residents Association, a Construction Company operating in the local area, Green Schools, Geography classes undertaking soil samples, 5th Year Agricultural Science students who have begun to sow potatoes in part of the vegetable patch under construction and some very enthusiastic 5th Year students as an option in Senior P.E.

Aims and Objectives of the Initiative

A key element is that students carry out all works directly which promotes sustainable community involvement.Intended outcome
The intended outcome of the project is for all members of the school community to contribute, enjoy and benefit from the creation of a school garden: Students, Teachers, Parents and Families.

The College aims to enrich the education of the students through all facets of school life; academic, health and welfare, recreational activities and the growth of individuals and groups in school activities. We offer a holistic approach to education and aim to meet the individual; spiritual, intellectual, moral, artistic, emotional, physical and social needs of each student so that they are better equipped for life. A school garden offers many physical and psychological health benefits for students and adults.

The Project is for transition year students and other students in our school to build a school garden from scratch, whereby students complete all works from start to finish. From; research, garden design, hard landscaping, soft landscaping, building flower beds a paved/stone path, compost heap, a seating area as an outdoor classroom, planting trees and flowers, weeding, sowing, growing, nurturing, caring and loving nature.

It will be an ‘outside’ reflective area and the space can be used in the future to house school graduations whereby families reflect and rejoice together as a community.

Cross Curricular Integration with other Subjects and School Initiatives

It is envisaged as a working garden AND a place of contemplation and relaxation as well – an escape from a pressurised world to a place of calmness and serenity.

Rationale and Other Benefits

Looking Ahead

By the end of the 2016–2017 academic year it is hoped to have; installed and planted the vegetable patches, planted fruit trees and bushes, painted the boundary walls, built a pollytunnel, installed a formal garden entrance gate, completed the construction of a decked area and the further delineation of boundaries and paths. Congratulations to all those Transition Year students, 5th Year students and other members of the school community that have been involved to date for their hard work.

The site at Week 0 – 26/08/2016

Empty Field

The site at Week 6 – 07/10/2016

Fenced Field
Garden Start

Compost Heap

Compost Heap

Fence Construction

Fence Construction

Transition Year students as Owners and Creators

Transition Year Students
Transition Year Students
Transition Year Students
Transition Year Students
Transition Year Students

Construction of the Garden’s Perimeter

Perimeter Fence.

Squirrel trying out the new fence


Reclaimed Materials

Recycled Bricks

Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvester

Construction of Vegetable Patcstyle=” color: green;”h

Vegtable patch

Spring Bulbs


Tulip Bed

Tulip bed

Completed Fence and Hedge

Fence and Hedge

Compost Heap March

Compost heap

St. Benildus College Remembrance Area

Students and staff have helped create this remembrance area in memory of Diarmaid Carey and other members of the school community who have passed away. Hopefully our actions go some way towards showing our affections for those we have lost.
Today, next week, next month, a year’s time, 5 year’s time – come to the garden, sit, talk, enjoy it. It’s a remembrance area for the school community.
Mr.O’Sealbhaigh and Mr.O’Brien would also like to thank the Parent’s Association for their continued support.

Entrance sign
Entrance to school garden
Entrance to school garden
School Meditation area
School Meditation area
School Meditation area
triangle path on garden

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