School-Bank Of Ireland Cooperation

  • The school’s continued involvement with the Bank of Ireland Secondary Schools Programme has proved to be both rewarding and engaging for the whole school community. It’s the only extra-curricular activity that actually creates funding for the school.

Operation of the School Bank

  • At the start of each academic year both the School Bank Coordinator and the allocated Bank of Ireland School’s Programme members host a joint talk to all Transition Year students to highlight the B.O.I School Programme and the opportunity to apply for a position on the School Bank Team. This is a very competitive and rewarding process for all students involved.
  • The Bank of Ireland School Bank has been designed to support schools in providing financial education to students. It gives students the opportunity to work in the School Bank across a variety of roles from Bank Manager to Customer Service Official learning about banking and how to work as an effective team.
  • The School Bank also provides the opportunity for students to open a bank account and makes it easy for them to save on a regular basis; via frequent on-site School Bank visits. The Student School Bank team are supported by experienced Bank of Ireland staff members from the local branch to ensure the smooth operation of the School Bank, and to support the team with any questions and queries they may have.
  • In the 2014/2015 academic year, 25 students applied and were interviewed.
  • In the 2015/2016 academic year, 24 students applied and were interviewed.
  • In the 2016/2017 academic year, 37 students applied and were interviewed.

Bank Team Personnel Details

There is always a competitive entry process to get on to the bank team, 37 students were interviewed this year by B.O.I representatives and 6 students were selected.

The 2016/2017 team consists of 6 students who were chosen as a result of their interviews:

  1. Eoin Mc Donagh       
  2. Branch Manager
  3. Oisín Wallace           
  4. Sales & Marketing Manager
  5. Ciarán Keogh                 
  6. Operations & Audit Specialist
  7. Conor Doyle               
  8. Digital Advisor
  9. Alan Roche                
  10. Digital Advisor
  11. Liam O’Driscoll            
  12. Digital Advisor

Below is the feedback from the B.O.I staff which we all should be very proud of.

‘We were very impressed with the students yesterday, the standard was extremely high. The genuine interest the candidates had was very reassuring but it also made our job even harder to pick the team’ – Bank of Ireland Representative.

The 2015/2016 team consisted of the following 5 students as a result of their interviews:

  1. Seph Aherne       
  2. Branch Manager
  3. Cian Hoyne      
  4. Sales and Marketing Manager
  5. Leo Conroy      
  6. Operations and Audit Specialist
  7. Thomas Meleady      
  8. Operations and Audit Specialist
  9. Luke-Andrew Feeney      
  10. Customer Service Official

The 2014/2015 team consisted of the following 5 students as a result of their interviews:

  1. Ronan Boyce      
  2. Bank Manager
  3. Jason McLoughlin      
  4. Assistant Manager
  5. Aaron Kelty Mooney      
  6. Sales and Marketing Manager
  7. Cian Maddison      
  8. Customer Service Official
  9. Mika McKeever      
  10. Customer Service Official
  11. Ryan Quearney      
  12. Financial Controller

Benefits to the School Bank Team

  • Work Experience in the Banking and Service Industries
  • Leading, Managing, Organising and Controlling their own business venture
  • Develop valuable skills: communication, teamwork, organisation, administrative, presentation, information technology, interpersonal etc.
  • Written References on completion of the Programme
  • Framed ‘Excellence Certificate’ Presentation
  • Engage in ancillary activities

Transition Year Students exposure to the, ‘World of Work’

  • The Programme exposes Transition Year students in the management of a potentially profit making venture with practical goals and rewards.
  • The school bank team visit a B.O.I branch and are given a tour of the premises and shadow Bank of Ireland staff undertaking their normal day to day activities. B.O.I staff meet with the team, explain their roles, show the team around the Dundrum branch and both parties start to build a working relationship.
  • This year when the team visited, it was Christmas customer day at the bank and footfall was higher than a normal day. The team had the opportunity to meet and greet customers coming into the branch and members of the public walking by and assisted in spreading a bit of holiday cheer by giving out mince pies and collecting for charity. Mutual benefits for B.O.I and the School Bank Team.
  • Every Transition Year student that applies for the school bank team has the opportunity to prepare and sit an interview with Bank of Ireland staff members. This process is another valuable experience to candidates whether they are successful or not in becoming a bank team member. The experience of conducting an interview with representatives of a business working in the local community is both challenging and rewarding.

Bond Trader Challenge

  • B.O.I also offers a Bond Trader game. St.Benildus College will be represented by three teams of 5th Year Business students at the event this year. Students have thoroughly enjoyed this competition in prior years. This is very positive, exciting exposure to the business subjects.
    B.O.I Association with Sport at St.Benildus College

Run for Life Charity Collection

  • Bank of Ireland facilitated the school’s annual charity fundraising drive of, ‘Run for Life’ by allowing the school’s bank team to collect for donations both inside and outside of the Dundrum Bank of Ireland branch. This has worked well for both parties and has been completed in the 2015/2016 and the 2016/2017 academic years.
  • Cheque and Certificate Presentations

    Cheque Presentation
    Certificate Presentation

    • The school was presented with a cheque for €1,750 for our successful involvement in the BOI secondary schools programme. Pictured are: Glenn Moran Bank of Ireland representative, the school’s 2015-2016 Transition Year bank team, and Mr.Johnson.

    Community Sponsorship – Senior Gaelic Football Team

    • Bank of Ireland awarded an additional separate amount of €1,000 in sponsorship funding to contribute towards sports apparel for the school’s Senior Gaelic Football Team that historically won the school’s first Leinster Post Primary Schools Senior Gaelic Football ‘A’ Title in the 2015/2016 academic year.

    team and trophy
    Sponsered gear bags

    Safer Internet Day Talk

    This Year’s School Bank Team also organised a talk for First Years on ‘Safer Internet Day’ in February which is an E.U wide initiative to promote a safer internet for all users, especially young people. The talk covered social media, staying safe online, how to handle your social media footprint and online banking.

    Presentation on Safe internet Banking

    Thanks to Customers

    The School Bank Team would like to extend our sincere thanks for the support of all our customers this year and wish them all good luck in the upcoming school bank customer raffle.