St Benildus College

The school bank held a draw for all their customers on Thursday 07/04/16 for an iPad mini which was presented by Bank of Ireland.

Congratulations to the winner of the prize, 2nd year student, Ben Pleass.

Well done to all students who applied and presented at interview for the school bank team. As always there was competitive entry on to the bank team, 23 students were interviewed by B.O.I representatives and 5 students were selected. Congratulations to the schools bank team which consists of;

Branch Manager Seph Aherne
Sales and Marketing Cian Hoyne
Operations and Audit Specialists Leo Conroy and Thomas Meleady
Customer Service Official Luke-Andrew Feeney

The Bank of Ireland School Bank has been designed to support schools in providing financial education to students. It gives students the opportunity to work in the School Bank branch across a variety of roles from Bank Manager to Customer Service Official learning about banking and how to work as an effective team. The School Bank also provides the opportunity for students to open a bank account and makes it easy for them to save on a regular basis, via frequent onsite School Bank visits. The Student School Bank team will be supported by experienced Bank of Ireland staff members from the local branch to ensure the smooth operation of the School Bank, and to support the team with any questions and queries they may have.

From November our local Bank of Ireland branches in Dundrum and Sandyford have been providing bank account opening facilities for students in St. Benildus College. A team from Transition Year are involved as part of Bank of Ireland’s School Bank initiative supported by staff from both branches. It presents a development opportunity for our Transition Year students and has benefits for both the school and the students who open accounts as detailed below:

It is absolutely optional whether students wish to open an account or not. Should they wish to do so, Bank of Ireland staff will always be on hand whilst the School Bank is open and will verify all lodgements to the account etc.

If your son or other sibling would like to open an account with the School Bank, the enclosed application once completed can be returned any Thursday during lunchtime whilst the School Bank is open. As the accounts are opened through the School Bank we do not require identification or proof of address, however parental/guardian permission is required for children aged 13 or under, so please ensure you sign this section at the bottom of the first page. Please note the students will need a minimum of €5 to lodge to the account when opening it to activate the account, so if this could be returned with the completed form that would be great. If you require any further information on the School Bank, Glenn Moran from Bank of Ireland Dundrum can be contacted on 07662-31072.