Music at Junior Cycle consists of a series of interrelated musical activities aimed at developing performing, composing and listening skills. This syllabus is for first, second and third year students in post-primary education. It is assessed by a practical examination and a combined aural and written examination at the end of third year at Ordinary and Higher levels.

Note: This syllabus was implemented in schools in 1989. A new specification for Junior Cycle Music will be taken by first year students from September 2018.

Leaving Certificate Music involves a series of interrelated musical activities within each of the three core areas of musical experience – performing, composing and listening. In performing, students choose from a variety of individual and/or group performing activities. In composing, students develop an understanding of musical structure and form, while the listening component provides for rich aural experiences through exposure to music of different periods, styles and genres.

This syllabus is for students in the Senior Cycle of post-primary education and is assessed at Higher and Ordinary levels.