Junior Certificate

The three-year Junior Certificate Programme is assessed by State Examination at the end of 3rd Year. Students undertake the core subjects of English, Irish, Maths, P.E. and R.E, along with Business Studies, C.S.P.E, History, Geography, Science, S.P.H.E, a language and one other subject from a choice. Students are welcomed from their first day, and encouraged to embrace the ethos of the College community.

Transition Year

The Transition Year Programme is a one-year optional programme following Junior Certificate. It provides a bridge to enable students to make the transition for the more dependent type of learning associated with the Junior Cycle to the independent learning environment of the Senior cycle. It encourages personal and social development and fosters academic achievement as students prepare for a Leaving Certificate programme, further study and adult and working life. Crucially, it seeks to promote maturity. The core subjects are continued throughout the year, and a wide range of interesting modules are developed by the staff, allowing students to explore individual areas of interest. All this is supplemented by an extensive non-academic programme of activities.

Leaving Certificate (Established)

The two-year programme, throughout 5th and 6th Year, prepares the student for the Leaving Certificate exam. Students undertake the core subjects of English, Irish, Maths, P.E. and R.E., along with four other subjects chosen from the wide selection offered. Graduation ceremony takes place in May each year, as we wish our students every success in their exams and future.

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP)

The LCVP combines the academic strengths of the Leaving Certificate with a dynamic focus on self-directed learning, innovation and enterprise. This two-year programme aims to prepare young people for adult life by ensuring that they are educated in the broadest sense, with an ability to cope and thrive in an environment of rapid change. Throughout the programme, students are encouraged to develop skills and qualities equally relevant to the needs of those preparing for further education, seeking employment or planning to start their own business. The LCVP is available to students in Fifth Year.