St Benildus College

Administration & Staff
St. Benildus College recognizes that quality education is a collaborative effort. We work together with our management, students, staff, parents and the wider community to provide a well rounded educational experience.

The teaching staff of St. Benildus College work with dedication to and passion for their teaching profession. They set the highest standards for both themselves and their students, and are deeply committed to the fundamental ideals of a La Sallian education. Teachers also give generously of their time and talents for extra-curricular activities.

St. Benildus College is a De La Salle school under the trusteeship of the Le Chéile Schools Trust. The school is administered by an eight member Board of Management, made up of the Chairman, Secretary (Principal) and representatives of the Trustees, Parents and Staff.

School management is vested in the Principal, Mr. Martin Johnson, who is responsible for the internal operation, management and good order of the school. He is assisted in the daily management of school business by the Deputy Principal, Mr. Oisín MacEoin. There are seven Year Heads in the College (two in charge of Transition Year) who assist the Principal and Deputy Principal:

* 1st Year Mr. Brendan Cahill
* 2nd Year Mr. Brendan Hoyne
* 3rd Year Ms. Jennifer Beadle
* Transition Year Ms. Ann Fitzpatrick / Ms. Sandra Downey
* 5th Year Mr. Pat Fahy
* 6th Year Dr. Naomi Lowe

A tutor system operates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year students, with tutors assisting the Year Head in pastoral matters.

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