St Benildus College

Our Unique History & Inspiration
Now part of the Le Céile Trust, the De la Salle Brothers founded the college in 1966. Their founder was St John Baptist De la Salle, born into a wealthy French family in 1651. Soon after his ordination in 1678 he was moved by the plight of poor children and formed a community of Brothers to offer free education.

Despite opposition, De la Salle and his Brothers established a network of free schools that taught a broader curriculum. He and his community went on to found teacher training colleges, technical and secondary schools. After his death in 1719 the work continued and spread throughout the world. In 1950, De la Salle was made the patron saint of all who work in education.

The College is named after Saint Benildus. Born Pierre Romancon, he joined the Brothers in 1820. A devoted and deeply religious teacher, he spent most of his life working in a village in south eastern France where by day his school catered for students of all abilities and in the evening offered classes for adults. Brother Benildus who ‘did ordinary things extraordinarily well’, was made a saint in 1967.

Active in the Community
Today the College caters for more than 700 young men from 1st Year through to 6th Year. Set against the backdrop of the Dublin Mountains, the 25 acre college campus has extensive academic, sporting and recreational facilities, which benefit both the students and the wider local community.

The unique traditions of our LaSallian heritage inspire our educational mission, which is to foster the intellectual, physical, social and moral development of each student. Academic achievement is stressed but participation in artistic and sporting activities is also strongly encouraged. The Irish language has a firm and secure place in the life of the school and many facets of Irish life, language and literature are studied and enjoyed.

Our focus is on the holistic development of each of our students and the qualities of politeness, confidence and self esteem are core aspects of the educational programme here in the College.

We’re particularly proud of the ongoing participation of all of our students in the Run for Life initiative. Special qualities of leadership, benevolence and social awareness are fostered through this student-led initiative, which has since 2002, raised more than €500,000 for various charities in Ireland.

A Bright Future
St. Benildus College looks forward to celebrating our half-Centenary in 2016. This milestone offers us a chance to reflect on and celebrate all we have achieved – the huge sporting, cultural and academic successes of our students past and present, and the opportunities that we offer our students now and into the future.

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